May 16, 2019 | Barbara R. Fallon | South Florida Hospital News

Medical Director Brings Skills and ‘Heart’ to Palmetto

Antonio Laudito, M.D., recently appointed Medical Director of the Heart Institute at Palmetto General Hospital (PGH) stands out from the stereotypical caricature of skilled surgeons whose talents are on display in the OR but their passion for patient care remains hidden behind the surgical mask.

“If you talk with patients through your eyes, they will see you have your heart in your hands and they will have no hesitation putting their heart in yours, Dr. Laudito explained, “It is vital to be in touch with patients and their families to channel quality care,” he continued.

Having built his career from the East Coast to the West and in Italy, he has returned to Southern Florida because he was “deeply intrigued” with the vision of Ana Mederos, CEO PGH, to shape a multi-disciplinary expertise in heart care for a range of heart disease.

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